How to make money with Bitcoin 2020

How to make money with Bitcoin 2020

How to make money with bitcoin


What is Bitcoin? How to Trade and make big profits. Everything revealed.

As promised in our previous article: “What is Bitcoin?
What we are going to discuss here is “How to make money with Bitcoin 2020, the platform we’re going to feature here is “paxful” because it’s one of the largest cryptocurrency platforms. So let’s get to work.
It’s a very exciting movement that I am proud to be involved in. I think Bitcoin and crypto are changing the world, especially if you’re in a country where you don’t have local exchanges. Right. That makes it easier for you to buy or sell. Bitcoin backs are away. So what is Paxful? Paxful is a peer to peer, you know, a bitcoin exchange. That’s where you can buy or sell a Bitcoin. But it’s more interesting for me as a hustler to sell because I can make money by selling Bitcoin with different methods of payment, using are gift cards or bank. We will call them swift banking transactions or what else you cash. You can meet people and pay in cash with packs. Well, there’s like 300 ways for you to buy Bitcoin on Paxful, credit card everything. What this means is that you can start your own business of selling Bitcoin in whatever area you’re especially when there aren’t too many people doing it right. You can buy Bitcoin from Paxful itself or if you can find another way to buy it, for example, you buy there and you put it on Paxful and you put a margin on it. You put you know, you’re like, OK, I’m buying Bitcoin at this price. I’ll be selling it for like 10 percent more or 15 percent or 2 percent. Whatever works for you, you got to stay competitive. Right. And just giving you came here to be a successful tradeoff or with packs with 20.

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Right. Another challenge that you meet in Paxful is a lot of Fraud people, a lot of scammers who just want to steal money. They pretend that they sent you some money or they started to trade, but then they didn’t even deposit any funds. How to counter that problem is that you need to be careful with newcomers, right? It’s easier to sell to people who already have reviews because most likely then they’re not going to try to scam you or to steal your bitcoins simply because they’re scared of losing the credibility of their account or that account can be closed if possible. If you report it and Paxful finds out that that account did something fraudulent to you. Right. So people who have reviewed have something to lose. Right. The more reviews, the higher the likelihood that that person is legitimate. And like Facebook reviews or in other reviews, systems on the Internet passively only allows you to put a review after your mid sale. If you are a seller or you have made it, by if you were a buyer. Another way to become a successful trader is to really be actively involved as viewed as a community around Paxful. Right. Encourage other people to get started so that the network of people who use or need bitcoin or cryptocurrencies increases when more people are trying to get on board. It makes more money for you. It’s economies of scale, right?

But if I tell my friends and show them how to do it, it means that less money for me. Oh, man. That’s not how it works. The network effect is the most important factor. I’m telling you, it’s a minor. So if you have more people involved and they get more other people involved, then it becomes bigger. So if you a trader, you are making maybe two, two, or three trades a day. Right. When the network is growing, you’ll be making fifteen trades. That means you’re making more money anyway and packs with very supportive. They have a program they call the packs for Piers. You should join. You can grow so many levels and become an ambassador. I started trading on Paxful and I’ve been making some content on it. And I help other people were getting started with, you know, show them the ropes of the game. And then, I became an ambassador. But it’s a ranking system that you go higher and higher. Right. And create events in your community, in your area, for example. Right. You’re going to do once a month event where you invite a few friends or a few people to teach him about how parks for work and how they can use it in the power of peer to peer finance. I think the most the most important thing here is a peer to peer finance.

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And to me, that’s was cool because it allows people who could not have access to Bitcoin to have it, you know, in the power Bitcoin is that it doesn’t have all the big regulations as like the banks where it’s only the rich must be able to access this stuff. Right. Bitcoin, everyone. Everyone can. But if you don’t have a place to buy it, you’re screwed. So Paxful is the answer to that is legal. Doesn’t matter where you are or you can. Open an account. Find a trade online. Buy Bitcoin. Done. And if you’re a hustler like me, just like many Africans, you know, they love to hustle and get the dope. That is an opportunity for them because they are early adopters before many people get into the game. They already here. So by the time this thing scale and became really, really, really public, so to speak, it will be at a point where they are making a killing. I hope you find this article helpful. Please like our Facebook page below and share the article. Thanks

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