How to make money on Facebook and other social media (Part 1)

How to make money on Facebook and other social media (Part 1)

How to make money on facebook


Facebook isn’t for fun only. Amazing ways to make money revealed here.

How to make money on Facebook and other social media:

Apart from chatting, making friends, and pics storage, there is a lot you can do with Facebook and other social media that can earn you some cool cash. While you busy posting pics/videos and spending hours on celebrities’ timeline, some smart workers are making their cool funds with the same social media. I’ll reveal some non-hidden and hidden ways of how you can make money with Facebook and some other social. You might have searched “How to make money on Facebook” on search engines and got some frustrating results. Chill, you’re in the right place at the right time cos I’m going to show you ways and you can start right away.

 By selling social media likes, followers, and engagements (Social Media Marketers).

You might have heard about companies selling likes, followers and, engagements, but you didn’t even think or know that you can make money with it. You think of reselling but those companies are selling at a higher price already, or you don’t think about it at all. I have a solution to both and other problems it might be.

Why will you sell likes, followers and, engagements, and who are you selling to?

Do you know? That 60% of influencers, marketers, artists, comedians, YouTubers, bloggers, etc. Get depressed and discouraged every day because they lack likes, views, comments, shares in their contents. Guess how they would feel if you offer a helping hand in exchange for money. I’ve also seen some companies rendering above mentioned services at very high amounts, but in consideration of some people that couldn’t afford such higher amount, SOCIAL SECRET comes into action. Who is SOCIAL SECRET and what are they doing? Below are their services.

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Facebook Services

  • Facebook page likes
  • Facebook Event
  • Facebook Followers/Friends
  • Facebook Video Views
  • Facebook Post Likes
  • Facebook live video stream
  • Facebook Page rating.


Instagram services

  • Instagram Verification
  • Instagram Verified Comment
  • Instagram Likes and Video views
  • Instagram Post Comments
  • Instagram Page/Account Visibility
  • Instagram Live Video
  • Instagram Story View


YouTube Services

  • YouTube Subscribers
  • YouTube Video views
  • YouTube post engagements
  • YouTube watch hour
  • YouTube ads view


Other Services

  • Twitter Growth
  • Playstore Growth
  • Pinterest Growth
  • Fiverr Growth
  • LinkedIn Growth
  • Telegram Growth
  • Website Traffics (Real people and AdSense safe)
  • Spotify Growth
  • SoundCloud Growth.


We all know how hard it is to get people’s attention on social media these days, even with your good and unique content. Especially marketers. How do you think they’ll feel if they know you have a solution to their problems?

On Social Secret, you can get 1k Instagram followers as low as $4. That’s amazing, 😍 right? Imagine buying at $4 and reselling at $10 to your client or any amount you’re please with. That’s cool.

That’s $6 in profits. Not just that, there are so many YouTubers struggling so hard to get subscribers and views on their accounts and videos. Guess how exciting they would be if you promise to help them, to get what they need. On Social Secret, you can get 1k YouTube subscribers as low as $24 and resell to your client at your desired amounts.

This business doesn’t require any special skills (Social Secret makes it easier for everyone). It allows you to decide your profits. For instance; you bought 1k Instagram followers at $4, you can decide any amount you’ll resell to your client, nobody is deciding for you. $10 is the least amount that can get you going on this business.

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Below are some tutorials that can get you started with Social Secret.

Sign Up Here, fill all the required information correctly and sign up (this will take you to your dashboard if you feel all the boxes correctly).

Fund Wallet – On your dashboard click on “Add Funds” NOTE: READ TERMS OF SERVICES BEFORE YOU PROCEED. Click on Agree & Continue (If you agree with the terms of Services).

Currently, there are 2 payment options.

CoinPayment & Credit/Debit Card. You can use CoinPayment If you have Bitcoin and other accepted altcoins like BitcoinCash to fund your wallet, but if you don’t have, rather use Debit/Credit card. Both payment options are fast, easy, secure, and reliable.

It’s very easy to make an order on Social Secret, it’s recommended to always read the description of the package before proceeding.

Their customer service is so reliable and always available to help their clients. You can get their contacts on their website.

Not every online business requires huge money to start, there are some you can start with a small amount and be making some cool cash. In most businesses, you just need some tips to be successful. Your seriousness, determination, and plans always judge your successfulness in most of the time.

You just learn something new, why don’t you stand and take actions, your clients are your friends, on social media and some people you meet every day, let them know what you can do and the quality.

If you need some advice, don’t hesitate to reach me.

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Here is PART 1 of “How to make money on Facebook” we’ll continue by next week. Drop some inspirational comments if you know you’ve learned something new and find this article helpful.

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